Monday, March 14, 2011

To My Daughter

One day, you will realize how life is it passes you by in the blink of an eye.  The truth about humans is that we never know how long we have here on this earth.  We could die at any moment.  Several years ago, I gave you a book and cd "I Hope You Dance".  I still hope with all of my heart that one day you will "dance".  I do not understand the choices you have made, but they are YOUR CHOICES.  I am still here for you, but you cannot blame me for all of your mistakes.  I will not accept that responsibility.  You are a grown woman and if you do not want to be a part of my life, there is really nothing more I can do.  I have tried everything I can think of to reach out to you.  You will not reach back.  If you ever reach out, I am here...waiting for you to return...Waiting for who you truly are to return. I do not recognize you any longer.  I hope you never have any regrets.  My heart is deeply saddened.  Deep down you must be sad too.  It is hard for me to believe that you have lost all the memories we shared together.  Yes, we had some rough times...but we also had many beautiful moments.  Many more good moments than bad are what I remember.  I love you. I always will.  All that I ask from you is for respect as your mother.  Until you can find that in your heart, nothing will ever change.  You will continue on your downward spiral and I will continue to hurt for you.  This is your choice.  I cannot choose the life you lead. 

Please hurry back.

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