I am definitely a Christian.  However, I feel there is much to be learned from all religions.  I believe most religions are trying to teach the same thing...that there is something more than we are here on earth.  What ever that "more" is called, be it Jesus, God, Higher Power, Buddah, Spirit, Soul, Source, etc. it is something to help us survive our time here on earth.  Something we can turn to when all else fails. Something to help us become better people.  Mantras originate from Hinduism.  It is usually chanted or sung as an incantation or prayer.  In my case, I am using these statements to retrain my mind...to create different circuits in my brain.  So, I have created this page of Mantras because basically they are self-affirming statements and   hopefully, they will help change for the better my view of myself, others, and life .

I am loveable, worthy and Godlike.

I no longer need to be insincere.  This is who I am and how I feel.

I accept life and people as they are.

I am a giving, loving and helpful person.

I will live a tranquil life free of stress and anxiety.

I will not blame or criticize anybody, ever.