Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family hurting family...

Why do people want to hurt each other?  There is no good answer.  But when your own family intentionally makes fun of you and hurts you, then thinks they have done nothing wrong...this is the worst feeling imaginable.  My sister's daughter said this about my daughter, "she is a few fries short of a happy meal"; "Looks like someone needs to take her meds, LMAO",  and did this publicly on her sister in laws face book page.  They were all making fun of her and calling her names.  They are not free from problems.  They all have their own issues.  But, do I make fun of them and humiliate them publicly.  NO!  I would never do that to anyone, much less my FAMILY. 

 I admit my daughter has problems.  She is emotionally about 12 years old.  She is a 'kid' in a grown woman's body.  But what gives anyone the right to do this and think it is okay.  It is beyond me.  The only reason this person became my daughter's face book friend was so she could report back to my sister about what was going on in our family.  She as much admitted it in one of her comments.   Since my Mother passed away, I have chosen to stay away from all of their drama and back-stabbing.  I cannot have all that hatred and anger as part of my life any longer.  I did it all my life for my parents.  After my Dad died in 1998, I did it for my Mom.  Because I had to be the peacemaker; she knew that my sister and brother would not go out of their way to do anything.  So until 2009, when my Mom died, it was my family that left home for Christmas; it was my family that adjusted their schedule to accommodate my sister's family's schedule.  Everything revolved around my sister and her family.  My family and I was nothing, non-existent.  Even on my Mom's deathbed my sister was angry and ugly to me.  My brother had to 'reel her in'.  But that did not last.  So, instead of arguing and fighting with them, I chose to back away.  I am not perfect.  NO ONE ON EARTH is perfect.  People need to stop all of the name calling and hurtful lies and accusations.  It is not right.  It is not Christian.  I am so upset and hurt again. All the pain comes rushing back.  So here I am.  Just another day "Living in Loneliness".

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  1. You should not worry about people with that type of nature. No good can come from it. Concern yourself with what can empower you and ways you can help your daughter deal with what has happened. Family does not always mean blood relatives. Family are the people that treat you with love. Family are those that truly have your best interest at heart. Friends can be the best family a person has in their life.