Saturday, July 30, 2011

365 Words of Well-Being for Women by Rachel Snyder (Day 4)

Day 4


"Admire other women and let them know exactly how you feel.  Admire them because they lived in the White House or because they built their won white house with their own two hands.  Admire them because they danced and sang their way across Broadway or because they danced an old Irish jig every Sunday at the local nursing home.  Admire a woman because she raised tow great kids single-handedly; admrire a woman who kept a marriage thriving and alive for more than fifty-two years.  Admire a plain woman who turns heads with her ever-present smile.  Admire the grandmother who took on a new family when her goddaughter died.  Admire that woman in the newspaper for her grit and determination.  Admire the woman who never got into the newspaper for her selfless devotion to the dying.  Tell her I admire you.  Write a note that says so.  While you're at it, remember to drop yourself a postcard, too."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

365 Words of Well-Being for Women by Rachel Snyder (Day 3)

Day 3


When it's time, get moving. 
After you've reflected and meditated, waited, prayed, and reaffirmed, act.  Act on your instincts.  act without delay.  Send the letter.  Make the call.  Pack the box.  Issue the invitation.  Get on the plane.  ACT already!  Act with your own best interests at heart.  Act in accordance with your most closely held values.  Act mindfully.  Act on behalf of the very young or the very old or the very needy.  Now and then, act half your age.  Act out in your own living room, act up in public.  Strut around and act as thought you own the joint.  Act like the woman you've always wanted to be--and don't act surprised when suddenly you are!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

365 Words of Well-Being for Women by Rachel Snyder (Day 2)

Day 2


"Feel deep down inside the pain of missing someone or something so badly it hurts.  Notice the empty spaces around your heart that need filling.  Tune into other aches in your body.  When your belly burns with red-hot fire, pay attention.  What is the true source of your ache?  What are you trying to digest that's too large, too hot, too unfamiliar to handle?  Ache for the friend who died of AIDS too early.  Ache for the mothering you never received, the love you had and then lost, the love you never had at all.  Ache to be held, to be touched, to be adored.  Ache for the sad woman down the block, the frightened child upstairs, the grieving parents around the corner.  Let your heart ache and break and ache again--until it grows stronger and more able to open with ease."

Sunday, July 24, 2011

365 Words of Well-Being for Women by Rachel Snyder (Day 1)

Day 1


"Recognize what you can change and what you can't.  In every moment, accept that everything is as it should be.  Accept that your body is round and fat and glorious.  Just love it.  Accept that you don't do things the way everyone else does.  Just embrace it.  Accept that somethims your belly hurts, sometimes you don't have enought money to pay the light bill, sometimes life is too hard.  Just cry and move through it.  Accept that you can't do it all--and whou would want to anyway?  Aceept a kind word.  Don't apologize.  Accept a gift--no matter how big, how small.  Say Thank you without embarrassment.  Accept that life isn't always fair and find the wonder in that, too.  Don't accept things that aren't yours, like misdirected shame and blame.  Like credit for someone else's accomplishment.  Like disrespect.  Accept everything you are and nothing you are not."