Friday, March 4, 2011

So Much Suffering in the World

There are a lot of people suffering with fatal diseases, physical disabilites, etc.  This bothers me greatly.  While I do have a LOT of physical and medical problems, mostly auto-immune and nerve disorders, my most disabling disease is mental.  No I am not crazy or psychotic.  That would be preferable to knowing and remembering.  The memories are never far from the surface.  Sometimes, that is what controls my life.  I look down and see myself living in this fog.  I get lost and do not know the direction I am going.  I feel mentally anguished. 

But today I am going to fly away.  When I look down I will see the earth and clouds.  I will land at a new destination.  Hopefully this will keep at bay, at least temporarily, the pain of my existence.

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