Monday, August 1, 2011

365 Words of Well-Being for Women by Rachel Snyder (Day 5)

Day 5


"Show the world the glorious goddess that lives within you.  When everyone else is wearing shapeless T-shirts and running shoes, wear a sundress that ripples in the slightest breeze.  If you like fingernail polish, wear it!  Ditto for your toes.  If you're the only woman on the crew, wear hot pink lipstick and thirteen earrings just to drive home the point.  Take a hing from the women of India, from the Rom women of Eastern Europe, from the Native American elders and Mexican senoritas.  Make every day a celebration by dressing the part.  Let your body be a canvas for colorful creations.  Add one bracelet this week and three the next.  Wear as much makeup as you want.  Get a tattoo or three or four.  Wear flowers in your hair, ribbons at your throat, silk at your waist, and bells on your toes.  If that's not your style, keep your adornments under wraps for select eyes only."

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