Tuesday, August 9, 2011

365 Words of Well-Being for Women By Rachel Snyder (Day 12)


When you find yourself teetering too far in one direction, bring some balance back into your life.  Balance your work time with playtime.  Balance your social butterflying with quiet, uninterrupted periods of solitude.  If you've been giving too much, let everyone knwo you're ready to receive.  Balance your diet.  too much on any one thing--no matter how good--can never be good.  If you've been running around at breakneck speed, slow down before an accident or injury does it for you.  If you've been sitting in front of a screen (any screen!) for too long, get ukp from your chair and dance or walk or swim or stretch.  WHen you feel like you've been balancing too many things for too long, put some down.  Do it slowly and mindfully, so you don't lose your balance whild you do.

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