Saturday, August 6, 2011

365 Words of Well-Being for Women, (Day 9)


Like a high-powered magnet, attract to yourself everything you desire.  Attract the right job by being impeccably clear about what you want--and why.  (Making some calls and sending a few letters won't hurt either!)  Attract the mone you need by affirming your worthiness and your willingness to receive.  (Taking an action step or two won't hurt either!)  To attract loving relationships, be as kind as caring, as attractive as the people you want to meet.  Anticipate the worst--and you're certain to attract it.  To atract joy, embrace oy.  To attract a spiritual teacher, quit whining and start accepting that you are one.  To have friends, be one.  To gain respect, respect yourself first and then move on to everyone around you.  EVERYONE!

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