Monday, May 16, 2011

To: ‘Meus Vicis’ You are the butterfly.

It was a beautifully written note.  I could feel your sense of not belonging.  I could hear the pain in your words caused by the change of who you are becoming.  Most of the time change is for the better, but can be very confusing and does create a sense of loss.  I have heard it said that ‘You can never go home once you have left’.  I am not sure if those are the exact words used.  But it is close enough!  Here are my thoughts on the subject. It is not so much that you cannot go home, but that ‘home’ will never feel the same.  It is a part of our transition into adulthood.  The more you find out about yourself away from home, the more ‘home’ becomes distant in your mind…yes, like the Emerald City.  However, remember you originated and have come from the Emerald City with a heart, courage, an awesome brain, and a home waiting for the butterfly to return that has emerged from its cocoon.   You are that butterfly.  This is your time for emerging.  This is your time.  Do not fall asleep in the poppy field.  Stay awake and enjoy every moment.  Yes, you might go through some pain, some feelings of loss, some moments of not belonging—but remember they are growing pains.  At this moment in time you are still tethered to your home, yet learning to fly alone.  One day, you will find your own home.  But know that through all of this change, you are never alone.  You still have a home, a place to rest.  And what a wonderful home it is. 

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