Tuesday, May 10, 2011

THE END OF THE WORLD by Skeeter Davis

Near the End
By Caprice
Alone again her heart is dying
Weeping inside her soul is crying.
Facing the reflection in the water
Shattered by what life had brought her.
Looking back on mistakes she made
Hope and happiness begin to fade.
Drifting into a black abyss
Seeing just dark and loneliness
Falling deeper the end is near
Her eyes no longer shed a tear.
All at once she sees a light
Then a voice cries out, Please fight!
A familiar presence she knows so well
What could it be?  She cannot tell.
She opens her eyes to see a face
Within the arms a warm embrace.
He speaks to her in a gentle tone
Fear not, you are no longer alone.
She asks in wonder, Are you my Savior?
Will I be forgiven of my behavior?
Smiling to this he did reply
I do not judge nor ask you “Why?”
Searching for answers she looked around
Why did you save me before I drowned?
He said to her in a whispering voice,
I could not help it, I had no choice.
For I too have been near the end
Now I come to you as a friend.

Happy Mother's Day

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